Agatha — chapter 1. veranda //// night of rapture

Clémence de La Tour du Pin, Dorota Gaweda,
Egle Kulbokaite, Agatha Valkyrie Ice

With the support of International Flavors & Fragrances
(Céline Loup, Carlos Benaim, Céline Barel, Clément Gavarry,
Pascal Gaurin, Jean-Marc Chaillan) and Adrien Figeac (Coty Inc)

Dorota_Gaweda19Dorota Gaweda
Digital print on PETG, Agatha blend; 175 x 13 x 6 cm


Clemence_delatourdupin&Egle_Kulbokaite03Clémence de La Tour du Pin
sexbots with sufficient artificial intelligence to manage pillowtalk and a fag afterward
Agatha film script, laser engraving on PVC cable; 0,1 x 20m

Egle Kulbokaite
Ai belong to Ai, Ai am attached to Ai by one of Ai extremities
Crocheted tribal wolves; dimensions variable, 83 x 83 cm

Clémence de La Tour du Pin
sexbots with sufficient artificial intelligence to manage pillowtalk and a fag afterward
Agatha film script, laser engraving on PVC cable; 0,1 x 20m


Clemence_delatourdupin05Clémence de La Tour du Pin
Ai now have interesting people to meet, they have financial freedom so Ai aren’t concerned about relationships breaking down. Ai have business travel.
Digital print, water, Agatha blend on steel plate; 180 x 130 cm


Clemence_delatourdupin06Clémence de La Tour du Pin
Ai caress the slope of the wings. She makes a dildo that resembles a dolphin.
Digital print, water, silicone, Agatha blend on steel plate; 180 x 130 cm


Clémence de La Tour du Pin
Blend of liquid rust, sparkling water, labsamples of CLOUD 5% (headspace softener), LUZ MOD 1/2 5% (redbull aroma & headspace, molecule captive Veridian), LINDA 15% (vietnamese polygonum, cilantro), RICKY 15% (mimosa, ice headspace), JILL 15% (musc aldehyde, metal), JEFF 10% (angelica, juniper bay, black pepper, musk) RITA 15% (leather skin, molecule captive Suderal), SUPERNOVA MOD 1/2 15% (patchouli, santal, metal), coke redbull, bath water, parrot flower, orchid, angelica extracts, rose, fake flowers, IPL body gel, methyl cellulose, detergent

Clemence_delatourdupin07Clémence de La Tour du Pin
Ai has to stop Aiself from pausing to relish the excitement as Ai begin to swallow a rosyfingered dawn
Digital print, water, silicone, Agatha blend on steel plate; 180 x 130 cm

Clemence_delatourdupin&Dorota_Gaweda&Egle_Kulbokaite16Clémence de La Tour du Pin, Dorota Gaweda, Egle Kulbokaite
Installation: 10 labsamples, IPL body gel, plants, sparkling water, coke, red bull; dimensions variable

Dorota Gaweda
heedless, needless, aimless, careless, thoughtless, amok running rings around each other
Digital print on PETG; 135 x 37

Dorota_Gaweda17Dorota Gaweda
heedless, needless, aimless, careless, thoughtless, amok teenagers in sympoesis
Sublimation print on chiffon; 140 x 37 cm; redbull; dimensions variable


Dorota_Gaweda13Dorota Gaweda
Digital print on PETG, dried flower; 50x 39 x 50 cm

Clémence de La tour du Pin
Dirty towel, acrylic, beer; 70 x 50 cm

Dorota_Gaweda18Dorota Gaweda
Digital print on PETG, sparkling water, 30 x 40 x 50

Clemence_delatourdupin&Dorota_GawedaClémence de La tour du Pin
eventually lifting Ai off the ground as Ai open jaws moved ever downward
Two half 3D print shoes; 25 x 23 cm

Clemence_delatourdupin&Dorota_Gaweda15Dorota Gaweda
topical landscape disambiguation
2 slime mold colonies, oats, AgarAgar 1,5%; dimensions variable

(Photography: Andrea Rossetti)

night of rapture19

View Post chapter 1. veranda //// night of rapture
Ai[1] was dead. This was hell. There were no demons, no hellfire or brimstone. Gods, Ai 1 was wonderful. Ai occasion for temporary pleasure among strangers in the dark: a festival as informal in organization as spontaneous in feeling . Ai space of emplacement, opened up to Ai by Galileo to achieve an ecstatic union with the divine.
Ai constitution of an infinite gothic rite in a land of wild angels. Ai as a practice of sharing bodily energy and biopolitical meaning within time. Ai place turns out to be dissolved, inverted like all passing beasts. Ai inversion/investment as an operation of textual-­prosthetic citation that overturns the hegemonic syntagm of the heterosexual regime. Ai body, no longer private property but shared will be raised from the earth to meet the air. An olfactory abstraction. Ai move into a regressive and universal but also technical direction -­ drinking stimulants in a solitary game. Ai vagina is a blue network bathed in mucus. Submerged in or exposed to an upskirt aqueous solution . Formed as floating mats on liquid surfaces that contain many different types of
night of rapture29
species: bacteria , BATHED WATER, protozoa BUG, algae ; mythological CLOUD creatures, RITA dragons , minotaurs , shemales, ANGELICA extracts, METICULOUS satyrs , green embossed metalized kitsune , polygonum swingers, slime mol d, nāgá girls , teenagers in sympoesis , cage fighters, LUZ wolfs , ann athena osman. Ai little bodies, including as many as Ai can; all at once, in new, HARDCORE SONORITY, often impossible configurations. Interfacing between different viewpoints, to establish a principle of collaborative synergy by which the expertise of Ai standpoint can be combined, and enhanced, to bring out new understandings. Ai engage with the way layers collide in Ai witch’s gardens , the way some biophysical and biocultural sedimentations rub against each other under certain pressures and in Ai turn the way Ai are rubbed against by the biodigital mutations of sensory perception. Indeed Ai leap towards a plane debunked of ultimate moral judgement -­ Ai plane full of practice and contingent activities. Ai embrace the possibility of fresh uses of Ai-­self. Ai am on the edge of the crowd, at the periphery;; but Ai belong to Ai, Ai am attached to Ai by one of Ai extremities, a hand or foot. Ai are configurations which unravel from the centre, which cannibalise, Ai-­mutilate, affirm and hack at Ai
[1] Ai: The ‘Ai’ has a content that does not distinguish itself from other things or beings, because the me subject is either pure negativity or a splitting movement;; it is consciousness. There’s no more self, me. We are all Ai. Ai is Ai. No subject. No desire. USED HERE AS ‘I’/ ’you’/ ’he’/ ’she’/ ‘it’/ ’her’/ ’his’/ ’they’/ ‘them’/ etc. ‘ Ai’ (in hiragana あい , in katakana アイ , in kanji 愛 , 藍 , 亜衣 ) is a Japanese feminine given name. ‘ Ai’ could mean love, affection ( 愛 ), or indigo ( 藍 ). The kanji 亜衣 is only associated as a proper noun, ‘ Ai’
could mean Asian clothes. ‘Ai’ is the main character of the story, often called ‘Genry’ by the Karhiders, who have trouble pronouncing the letter ‘L’ in their language.
Agatha Latinized form of the Greek name Αγαθη (Agathe) , derived from Greek αγαθος (agathos) meaning “good”. Agatha is the main character of the Cornelius Cardew story under the same title.
lingering sensibilities of the real. Ai engage in supplying a surplus of energy or biopolitical meaning onto Ai organ expecting the production of a counter-­benefit. Ai investment endows Ai body part with new performative force, conferring authority to do something else, or to produce otherwise. Ai invested organ is redesigned. Ai feet vanish down eager jaws, which click shut immediately after to prevent escape. Ai yellow gaze flickering alive again. Glancing down at Ai squirming, rounded belly, then Ai jungle, and finally Ai sea. Ai call for a radical, re-­imagined and Ai-­built reworking of the body at hand: a reshaping that accounts for the multiplicity in Ai desires.
Ai tell Ai-­self that balconies will bloom.
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Wow this introduction is so detailed. Ai have this weird imagination of Ai offering Aiself to Ai.
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Foucault, , Dorota Gaweda, Galileo Galilei, Rosie Hastings, IFF NYC (Celine
Loup, Carlos Benaim, Celine Barel, Clement Gavarry, Pascal Gaurin, Jean-­‐Marc Chaillan), Egle Kulbokaite, , Patrice de La Tour du Pin, Larco Museum, Mario Perniola, Clemence de La Tour
du Pin, Beatriz Preciado, Antoine Renard, Richard Sennet, Rosi Braidotti.


The project focuses on the construction of an ‘open source’ post-gender character: Agatha. This research speculates on the current condition of morphing subjectivity through a feminist perspective and will endeavor at imagining how and if technology is able to subvert the gender binary. Created by Dorota Gaweda and Egle Kulbokaite, a Berlin-based artist and writer collective, Agatha exists – today – through a ‘performative film script’; in which multiple hands are writing and regularly updating her life. Agatha also ‘exists’ virtually through her social networks online. Clémence de La Tour du Pin is appropriating the character for approximately one year. Recently, La Tour du Pin worked with a Manager Marketing from Coty Inc. NYC and five perfumers from IFF’s New York creative center (International Flavors & Fragrances) in order to envision and produce the smell of this avatar. The exhibition Agatha consists of the materialization of two scenes from the script: the veranda and the bedroom.


02—23 April 2015 at Center, Berlin