Cover Img: Jasper Spicero: Spirit, 3D print.

“Please bring your plants to this exhibition. Simply being around plants indoors has been shown to relax people and improve health. Plants are intelliget, creative organisms, just like us. Bring your plant and together we can reflect on and around the pictures and installations, watch a movie, talk and drink refreshments. With Very Special Plant soundpiece performance by Center of the universe.” 


Curated by Andreas Ervik & Øivin Horvei, the group exhibition BYOP (Bring Your Own Plant) doodled around several fields of the botany as its main topic featuring works by Andreas Ervik, Espen Friberg, Øivin Horvei, Bjørn-Henrik Lybeck, Andreas Meinich, Rapidshare (Kari Altmann), Jasper Spicero and Jessica Williams. 09.05.14-25.05.14 @ Wizzard Gallery.

BYOP3Andreas Ervik: A New Principle of Biology, moss, print, Jasper Spicero: Spirit, 3D print and Andreas Meinich: Nasty Hobitses, print.

BYOP2Andreas Ervik: A New Principle of Biology, moss, print.

BYOP6Andreas Meinich: Nasty Hobitses, print.

BYOP5Rapidshare IRONCORE (Break the Chains of Stagnation), chains, lock, ironcore nutritional whey protein, Mother of Thousands (Bryophyllum daigremontianum). Installation made after a blueprint by Kari Altmann.

BYOP7Jessica Williams – Plant Touching Glass #2, print.

BYOP8Performance at the opening by Center of the Universe. Watch a video of the performance here.

BYOP9Øivin Horvei: Untitled, mixed media.

BYOP10Øivin Horvei: Untitled, mixed media.



BYOP (Bring Your Own Plant) at Wizard Gallery.
Photo documentation by Siv Dolmen.

BYOP (Bring Your Own Plant).