The need for mastering structured data has dramatically increased in the
past few years. It can therefore be no surprise that one of the most studied
data mining structures in computer science and web-surfing patterns is
visual matter. This analysis has undoubtedly positioned the Artist as an essential Dataist and possibly, digital art as a web core.

The exhibition “Data.Mine Conflux” encouraged the participating artists to interpret
how data can be use to predict future cultural flashpoints and how they
can be showed online today. Actually there are no limitations when
information becomes the theoretical basis for data-driven art, but can
computer algorithms help an artist to determine an ‘ideal’ artwork for future
recognition? If so, what conditions can turn that kind of information into
something shapeable?

The interpretation of this analysis and the display of its resulting visual
matter is herein extended by the expression of artistic examination in the
first O Fluxo’s online exhibition, “Data.Mine Conflux”.



Andre Piguet ❍ Andrea Crespo ❍ Antoine Renard ❍ Body by Body

Brian Khek ❍ Darja Bajagić ❍ Jacob Broms Engblom ❍ Kareem Lotfy

Lauren Elder ft. Lenox-Lenox & Claudia Hart ❍ Mia Goyette

Pablo Jones-Soler ❍ Richard Nikl ❍ Thomas Payne





The “Data.Mine Conflux” Catalogue offers an extended insight of each artwork
presented at the online exhibition and it can be purchased via print-on-demand
on the link bellow.

It also features some additional content like research images, an extra essay from Krystal South on how to ‘Identify Yrself’ in the www, an art related astrological
forecast by Lauren Reid and Perla Montelongo, a proposal for moving Kiruna
based on increasing mining activity by the urban unplanning studio Scapeous,
some visual material by Kate Malykh, Etienne Garachon, Jacob Broms Engblom
and many more.




O Fluxo & Neverland Space
March, 2014.


In closing, O Fluxo would like to thank all the participating artists and Yves Sinka, Joris Noorder and Ruben Feurer from Neverland Space who helped build this online experience. The exhibition catalogue it’s printed via a print-on-demand service and as so, it is impossible to assess its condition. O Fluxo and Neverland Space are not responsible for any possible damages. A lot of material used in this catalogue and in the
general exhibition identity was found via internet and it’s copryright to its owners. The editor welcomes all kind of feedback about their origins.

For enquires, please contact O Fluxo. The Data.Mine Conflux video flyer it’s an edited version from the original ‘Blue-Matter Informercial’ created by Lauren Elder in collaboration with André Carlos Lenox and Evan Lenox. “Data.Mine Conflux” online exhibition will be free to visit until 26 April 2014