Sunny days are almost gone it’s true, but when the cold days hover upon us what is it that we look for to fill our spare time? Comfortable and tranquil indoor reading satisfaction (Of Course!). Sure that we all have more free time to read in the summer days, but as the Fall/ Winter season comes, a huge amount of publishers and individuals got their hands back to work just to provide us with amazing quality reading time!

For this very reason ‘F/W’13 Reading’ presents a selection of some of the favorite latest
releases. You only have to sit back and feed your eyes with the following amazeballs
publications that O Fluxo put up for you:


First up is this folded A3 graphic short, created by the Belgian artists Benny Van den Meulengracht-Vrancx and Yannick Val Gesto, (who recently did an amazing 30.000px visual-essay for Fluxograma#18), comes ‘Deviant’, an artist publication and homage to the deviantArt community and dōjinshi artists around the world. The works of Yannick Val Gesto and Benny Van den Meulengracht-Vrancx touch on the subjects of originality, copyright and the found image. Immersing themselves into the virtual world of image boards and social media, they use these websites as a source of inspiration for their own work, copying certain techniques, stealing and hiding images, responding to the idea of a massive, endless, fleeting and intangible, database of visual content. Fueled by the ever growing amount of diverse web- and otaku-based outsider art, ‘Deviant’ identifies itself as an experimental artist publication and homage.

‘Deviant’ it’s available for online purchase at DeviantShop and meanwhile, you can also consult Yannick’s Deviant distributable PDF version here.

Symbol Paper Issue 4

It’s no surprise to see that Symbol Paper have done a predictably brilliant job with the pub-curation, continuing to present us with a remarkable list of a new generation of international artists. In its 4th installment, Symbol Paper showcase the work of Darja Bajagic, Iain Ball, Maja Cule, Pamela Rosenkranz, Lauren Elder and Pablo Jones-Soler.

Symbol Paper Issue 4 is available in UK stockists and via the website:

Spheres Issue 2 – Rafaël Rozendaal’s Artist Book

The pub­lic­a­tion Spheres is the doc­u­ment­a­tion of a close col­lab­or­a­tion between an artist and the editor, graphic designer Phil­ippe Kar­rer. Every issue is ded­ic­ated to a young artist and their work, in each case explor­ing char­ac­ter, sur­round­ings, every-day life, inspir­a­tions and ideas using uncon­ven­tional formats so as to cre­ate a dif­fer­ent, more visual approach and under­stand­ing of the artist and his or her work. Rafaël Rozendaal is the cent­ral fig­ure in the second issue of Spheres, providing a delightful gradient flick through experience. Apart from acquiring this book, you can also get your hands on one of the 66 numbered and signed posters with the editorial printing sheets. Perfect!

Buy Spheres here.


2Kool4Skool it’s the result of the bachelor thesis between the Berlin graphic design students Sebastian Bareis and Lucas Lämmerhirt. 2Kool4Skool is a book and exhibition that O Fluxo have also been interviewed, alongside names like Andreas Ervik, Brian Metcalf, Lauren Pelc-McArthur, The Rodina and many others. 150 pages dealing with Seapunk, Muslim Trance, post-postmodernism and current visual trends. The exhibition presented three hanged up screens which showed three different movies, showing a hard to grasp confusing mash-up. BUT all the movies refer to their book in an abstract and interesting way.

This project is strictly limited to 50 copies, so grab yours here while it lasts.

About Mark Pezinger

This “catalog” not only gives view into the publicistic and personal universe of Mark Pezinger Verlag but also assembles and unites the variety of individuals to a self-portrait of a publisher: “…once I am adressed as Mark Petzinger, then again I am reading about a Mark Petziger or Mark Penzinger and lately I even found myself in an announcement as publisher Max Pezinger. Am I displeased by such confusion? On the contrary! Meanwhile I take pleasure in my comrades Petziger, Petzinger, Penziger and Peziger; they keep my a certain company – better that only one Pezinger are many of them. That thought was cause to the current publication: at my request, friends and companions created a portrait of their personal Mark Pezinger in their individual way. These contributions, transformed by me into advertisements, are the substratum to the originated magaziner …”

‘About Mark Prezinger’ is now available to purchase here.

El Libro Mutante

Silvia Bianchi and Ricardo Juárez, the responsibles behind another successful edition of the Libros Mutantes Madrid Art Book Fair, a research and dissemination project around independent publishing and its relation to visual culture, prepared us a beautiful 2color catalogue-styled book to accompany this year’s installment at La Casa Encendida. The fair exhibit a wide range of experimental publications from different countries (which O Fluxo had the pleasure to be part of), and now this book named ‘El Libro Mutante: Self-Publishing Viewed From Spain’ gathers a good portion of the exhibited material. Each page presents a different piece followed by a brief description in which the first half of the publication it’s entirely dedicated to Spanish publishers like Barriobajero, Feréstec and Fuego, the second part showcase the rest of Europe, including PWR Paper by PWR Studio, Catalogue Library, The Rodina and also O Fluxo 🙂 .

Libros Mutantes.

Library Paper 03

Like Symbol Paper, but diving into a more graphic level, this is another not surprising wonderful job of pub-curation. It’s always very interesting to see what the guys behind Catalog Library have to offer in their major publication – Library Paper. Following the concept of the previous issues, the 3rd one keeps giving readers an up-to-date representation of varied design/art practices from all around the world as well as an insight into the artists thoughts of their own exclusive creations. This issue includes the work of Benjamin Critton, Hort, Eye Bodega, HelloMe, Bureau Mirko Borsche, Raphael Garnier, The Rodina, among others.

Library Paper.

HelpDeluxe 13.0

Created by the Singapore graphic designer Darius Ou Dahao, Adobo HelpDeluxe 13.0 is a satirical take on Graphic Design programs’ troubleshooting. This parody guidebook/zine is inspired by 90s aesthetics , a time period of the parodied company’s starting years. Adobo is a fictional company created to explore the possibilities of the parodied company in a different dimension , with the cheesy/tacky aesthetic style of the glorious 90s. It offers a refreshing take on the subject of digital piracy, troubleshooting , advertising, and self-help. The awkwardly positioned graphic elements as well as uncomfortable typography reflects on the ineffectiveness of most programs’ user manuals.

Adobo HelpDeluxe 13.0‘  it’s not currently for online sale but interested people can email Darius at oudahao{at}msn{dot}com .

Art Licks #13

For the 13th issue of Art Licks, alongside their regular writers, they have invited to contribute a selection of artists taking part in the Art Licks Weekend festival that took place in London last weekend. The Art Licks Weekend festival was a free.entrance alternative form of art fair that introduced the work of pioneering young artists, curators and galleries across London and which O Fluxo stresses projects like ‘Almost a Year of Rectangles‘ by Desktop Residency, ‘Bonus Levels‘ by Public Assembly and ‘SALIENT‘ by Twelve Around One.

Art Licks #13.