Hotel Art presents a group show on Periscope:
An Adventure Film Starring Tom Hanks

The new adventure of web-based curatorial platform Hotel Art presented a group exhibition called An Adventure Film Starring Tom Hanks in the form of a Periscope livestream video on Monday, September 14 from 6-7pm EST. Works by Zack Davis, Bradford Kessler, Mindy Rose Schwartz, and Bailey Scieszka were installed on a houseboat in Rockaway, Queens.

Hotel Art is interested in using documentation as a medium, and produces exhibitions that are only accessible as their documentation online. For this exhibition, they’ve chosen not to document the show using still images, but instead, via a live scripted film on Periscope. Periscope, which live broadcasts via smartphone and enables viewers to comment and like in real-time, allows the audience to communicate with us and each other during the hour-long exhibition. The live film was narrated with a poem written by the Hotel Art team (Loney Abrams and Johnny Stanish) that acts as an abstract curatorial statement. An interesting way to offer an alternative art experience on the internet, as well as suggest a contemporary understanding of narrative film.

An Adventure Film Starring Tom Hanks encapsulates a willful removal from society, an isolated existence, and a self-sufficient, survivalist lifestyle. Each artist offers surreal interpretations of the natural world from perspective removed from society. The exhibition features a new sculpture by Zack Davis, a sculpture and drawings from Bradford Kessler, a figurative sculpture by Mindy Rose Schwartz, and a new, two minute long video by Bailey Scieszka.
















Zack Davis lives in New York. His work has recently been shown at Brand New Gallery in Milan and Muscle Beach in Portland, Oregon. It will also be included in an upcoming exhibition at GCA in Brooklyn.

Bradford Kessler is an artist and curator living in NYC. Recent exhibitions include a solo show at Welcome Screen in London and group shows at 63rd-77th Steps, Interstate Projects, American Medium, 247365, Invisible Exports, and Evelyn Yard. He has an upcoming solo show at Ashes/Ashes in Los Angeles and a three person show at MonCHÉRI. He received his MFA from the School of Visual Arts.

Mindy Rose Schwartz is a sculptor living in Chicago. She is interested in the way an individual’s experiences with and memories of, mass-produced objects, can alter their intended meaning and function. She makes sculptures that attempt to show the morphing effect, use, experience, and emotion can have on our perception of things. Solo exhibition galleries include Queer Thoughts in Chicago and Terrain Gallery in Oak Park IL.

Bailey Scieszka was born and raised in Birmingham, Michigan. She attended The Cooper Union in 2007 where she studied sculpture, video, and drawing. In New York she invented the aging child hand model basket making clown persona called Old Put. She is responsible for ‘Large Larges’ and ‘Bailioni.’ She recently had a solo show ‘All the Brown Butterflies’ at Cave in Detroit. Bailey has also been in group shows at Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit and Bedstuy Love Affair.

Hotel Art can be found at It is programmed by Loney Abrams and Johnny Stanish, who also have a collaborative studio practice. Their personal work can be found here: