1_Antoine Renard at Center_2015-03-05 18.45.10

Antoine Renard_JURASSIC HAZE

Jurassic Haze is the first solo project by French artist Antoine Renard at Center.
A Dove lotion coating installation on the windows gravitate around a series of invitations and collaborations displayed on VR headsets – Center as laboratory for synthetic landscaping.

Prior to the exhibition, Renard invited a number of artists friends to imagine how his show could be like, and to produce a series of renders and environments based on his research on genetic manipulation, marijuana subculture and virtual realities.
From a mint filled bathroom (Tore Wallert) to the introduction of an existing virtual gallery project (Timur Si-Qin and Kate Sansom, http://chrystalgallery.info/) to a suburban street fight VR sculpture (Anthony Salvador), the overlapping perspectives tend to associate and fusion as a set of relational “mindscape operations”, the work as a prototype, the artist as a developer.

4_Antoine Renard at Center (feat Tore Wallert)_2015-03-05 15.18.43Amanda, 2015
Fresh mint, various soda bottles, ink.
Site specific
Tore Wallert

5_Antoine Renard at Center_2015-03-02 17.29.16iwatch, 2015
HD video, 20min25s
Antoine Renard

6_Antoine Renard at Center_2015-03-05 19.09.33

7_Antoine Renard at Center (feat Gregoire Blunt and Emmy Skensved)_2015-03-05 16.08.56center_H264_2000px_1500kbps_ACC, 2015
360° environment mounted on VR headset, headphone.
Gregoire Blunt and Emmy Skensved

8_Antoine Renard at Center (feat Anthony Salvador)_DSC_7677DONTBRINGAKNIFE2AFISTFIGHT, 2014
360° digital video mounted on VR headset, iphone charger, cable ties, headphone, metal wire.
Anthony Salvador

9_Antoine Renard at Center_2015-03-05 18.57.12

10_Antoine Renard at Center_unnamed1431157_Dog, 2014
Common Attribution Licence 3D models, styrofoam, epoxy, metal bar
100 x 58 x 47 cm
Antoine Renard

11_Antoine Renard at Center_2015-03-05 16.24.25

13_Antoine Renard at Center_2015-03-05 16.30.36d.o.v.e, 2015
Body lotion coated windows.
Site specific
Antoine Renard

14_Antoine Renard at Center_2015-03-05 16.38.21

15_Antoine Renard at Center_2015-03-05 16.43.01iwatch, 2015
HD video, 20min25s
Antoine Renard

16_Antoine Renard at Center_2015-03-05 17.58.28  19_Antoine Renard at Center_2015-03-05 16.16.15den shells, 2015
Acrylic resin, Dove body lotion stickers, girlfriend dust.
20 x 7 x 3cm
Antoine Renard

17_Antoine Renard at Center_2015-03-05 18.46.15

18_Antoine Renard at Center_2015-03-05 18.48.31“4:20”, 2014
Coconut shell, cat bedding.
15 x 15 x 20 cm
Antoine Renard

20_Antoine Renard at Center_DSC_754015311237_Kona, 2015
Common Attribution Licence 3D models, styrofoam, epoxy, metal bar
70 x 38 x 27 cm
Antoine Renard

21_Antoine Renard at Center_geek dresslet’s cop a dub after class today. I’ll roll us an L and we can blaze down by the esplanade, 2014
Tribal mesh, cable ties, cat bedding.
140 x 30 x 20 cm
Antoine Renard

22_Antoine Renard at Center_( feat Antoine Renard and Sandra Vaka Olsen)_2015-03-05 19.04.10_Jurassic Haze & _Big Buddha Blue Cheese, 2015
Digital print on fabric, aluminium frame.
70 x 100 cm

Antoine Renard & Sandra Vaka Olsen

23_Antoine Renard at Center (feat Antoine Renard and Sandra Vaka Olsen)_2015-03-05 19.07.48

27_Antoine Renard at Center_DSC_7586

28_Timur Si-Qin and Kate Sansom_CG_CAM2_VR1_x

29_Timur Si-Qin and Kate Sansom_ChrystalGallery_Cam1_C1_VR1Nissan Yogurty, 2015
Chrystal gallery 360° render mounted on VR headset.
Timur SiQin and Kate Samson

30_Antoine Renard at Center_(feat Tore Wallert)_DSC_7556

31_Antoine Renard at Center (feat Tore Wallert)_DSC_7606Amanda, 2015
Fresh mint, various soda bottles, ink.
Site specific
Tore Wa

40_Anthony Salvador_Screenshot 2015-03-08 21.24.00

41_Anthony Salvador_Screenshot 2015-03-08 21.24.30DONTBRINGAKNIFE2AFISTFIGHT Screenshots,
Anthony Salvador

43_Antoine Renard at Center_DSC_7631

Remembering the common source that binds us all
That ultimately there is nothing to fear
It’s all part existence and hence what it must be
Take a deep breath and stay in wonderland
This shit tastes like hairspray” Tore Wallert

Antoine Renard_JURASSIC HAZE
19.12.2014 – 15.03.2015 @ Center

With contributions by Gregoire Blunt, Sandra Vaka Olsen, Emmy Skensved,
Anthony Salvador, Kate Sansom, Timur Si-Qin and Tore Wallert.