Hi Jagoda, hi Felix,

It will take a bit more time for me to finish the text for ‚L.A. should die vor Glück‘. With our artists list in mind I already have a concrete idea. Micro Celebrities 2 was about the interior and the accumulation of things that find their place within a living space. The tonality of the existing furniture, the shelf, the tiles and the corners of your apartment was very similar to the shape of the individual works shown in Micro Celebrities 2; both sets of
objects looked very Belgian. Similarly, the second Just Married hosting should have an L.A. look. What that means, we would find out then together.

In the works of the artists we talked about, you can often find these multiple breaks and phrases in well-known visual rhetoric, even if they come from very different directions. I imagine the overall picture collage-like and spread over everything, where glamor flashes through the formal or patina.

I really like the statement in Raymond Chandler’s novel „The Long Goodbye» that nothing is as empty as an empty swimming pool. This is very related to minimalism in sculpture and painting. At the same time it is a great theme. Maybe things have to develop out of reduction and concentration, but they say something even as the material is reduced to almost nothing.

We’d be very happy if you would take part, and are looking forward to your response.

All the best,


Installation view

Installation view

Paul Pascal Theriault

Paul Pascal Theriault

Laura Schawelka and Sayre Gomez

Laura Schawelka

Sayre Gomez

Nicolas Pelzery

Jagoda Bednarsky, Claus Richter, Marcel Hiller

Jagoda Bednarsky, Claus Richter

Maarten Van Roy

Marcel Hiller

Marcel Hiller

Katharina Marszewski

Friedrich Kunath

Elif Erkan

Elif Erkan, Maarten Van Roy, Jagoda Bednarsky, Claus Richter

Jan-Ole Schiemann

Becky Kolsrud, Paul Pascal Theriault, Jan-Ole Schiemann

Brett Lund, Kelly Akashi, JPW3

JPW3, Kelly Akashi, Brett Lund, Troy Kreiner, Tilman Hornig

Brett Lund

Brett Lund

Kelly Akashi

Troy Kreiner

JPW3, Buck Ellison

Troy Kreiner, JPW3, Tilman Hornig, Buck Ellison, Jagoda Bednarsky

Felix Kultau, JPW3, Tilman Hornig

Felix Kultau

Magarete Jakschik, Daniel Wind, Tilman Hornig

Tilman Hornig

‘L. A. should die vor Glück’
at Just Married, Los Angeles
w/ works by Kelly Akashi, Pagoda Bednarsky, Buck Ellison, Elif Erkan, Sayre Gomez, Marcel Hiller,
Tilman Hornig, Magarete Jakschik, JPW3, Becky Kolsrud, Troy Breiner, Felix Kultau,
Friedrich Kunath, Brett Lund, Katharina Marszewski, Nicolas Pelzer, Claus Richter, Maarten Van Roy,
Laura Schawelka, Jan-Ole Schiemann, Paul Pascal Theriault, Daniel Wind, Rosha Yaghmai