After a successful partnership with important names within the industry like Simone C. Niquille, Eric Wrenn, Marc Kremers, or K-HOLE (with that amazing ‘HD IS OFF’ set of long sleeve shirts), Mood skateboard company drops its new collection for S/S14. Now the moment has come to Michael Willis, Joel Evey And So Yoon Lym take action and present their exclusive creations for Mood NYC.

Mood by Michael Willis

‘Michael Willis is an English Graphic Artist working across a variety of industries. Michael Willis mashes up global inspiration and digs deep into tucked away visual crevices from generations gone. Creating a sticky graphic work that floats between past, present and future.’

For Mood NYC, Michael had created a 3 piece collection constituted by a long sleeve tshirt, a bucket hat and a board.
Follow his latest project IMG LTD, an experimental design and research studio placing collaboration @ it’s core: See Willis’ other graphic work here.

Mood by Joel Evey

‘Joel Evey hails from the ‘deep web’ and makes Graphics Designs his bitch. Just playin, but as head of print design at Urban Outfitters he does have his way with it. Beyond that Joel has lent his eye and his mind to clients across the globe. Ensuring whatever he touches, even if it’s ice cold, comes out fire on the other end.’

For Mood’s bandana 3 pack Joel pulls from his unbiased techniques with 3 very different pieces. Tie your hair up, rock a neckerchief or join a gang. The choice is yours, or better yet do all 3. This set comes vacuum sealed for freshness. See some more of Joel’s work here.

Mood by So Yoon Lym

‘So Yoon Lym was born in Seoul, Korea and spent her early years growing up in Kenya and Uganda. At 15 she studied under Korean exiled painter, Ung No Lee in Normandy, France. His teaching opened So Yoon up to the interconnectedness of art and how deeply personal one’s process can be. She currently resides in Paterson New Jersey as an art educator. Constantly creating new work connecting her day to day experiences to bigger ideas in the history of mark making.’

From So Yoon’s coveted The Dreamtime series Mood created 3 pieces. Two Boards (1) and (2) and a tee.The intricately hand-painted, large scale works, use her students as models and their braids to represent Aboriginal stories and visions of creation. See the full series and read more about The Dreamtime here. See all of So Yoon’s work here.


Mood NYC.