If you’re looking for a publication that joins art, comics, graphics, narrative, vibrant colors and print quality, then Mould Map 4 is definitively the one for you! It has it all thrown in for good measure and it will color the gloomy days that lie ahead by cozying up your soul in the cold months of hibernation. It will certainly be a delight for any illustration enthusiast and comics collector (and even if you do not consider yourself as one of those, I assure you that Mould Map 4 will stay between your favorite books for a quite long time)


This new edition, which marks the fourth establisment in the Mould Map series, kindly keeps the same path of the subsequent numbers launched by Landfill Editions. Since their initiation, they’ve put togheter a constant stream of independent publications, zines, posters and many other printed objects that manifest an intense commitment to what’s relevant in the sphere of cutting edge illustration and comics.
Edited by Hugh Frost and Leon Sandler, Mould Map functions like their major collective annual which brings together interviews, reports, graphics, art and some of the outlandish short-story lines that you’ll may ever see.  So, it’s safe to say that Mould Map is the only one of its kind. I mean, who else joins Amalia Ulman with Roope Eronen; Yuri Pattison with Gabriel Cobera; New Scenario with Gilbert & George; Yannick Val Gesto with Viktor Hachmang; all together in one publication? (Exactly)!
Besides its juicy 128 pages of dazzling colors, the unexpected combination of contributors it’s also what makes Mould Map so special and diversified.
MM4 Interior lo res-1
The theme of the fourth issue is ‘Eurozone Special’ – A book about Europe and its possible futures which showcase newly commissioned artworks composed by the some of the most talented creatives, ranging from lo-fi cartoonists to photoshop sfx experts including; Leon Sadler, Edwin Burdis, Daniel Swan, Michael Willis, Patrick Crotty, Grace Wilson, Dan Mitchell, Will Sweeney, Ed Fornieles, Brecht Vandenbroucke, Yannick Val Gesto with Eva Munz, Sany, Amalia Ulman, Hanna K, MOSA, Gwenaël Rattke, Stathis Tsemberlidis, Yuri Pattison, Suzanne Treister, Jody Barton, New Scenario, Stefan Sadler, Jonathan Djob Nkondo, Gabriel Corbera, Pierre Vanni, Roope Eronen and Viktor Hachmang. All of it is contextualised among features on both near-future speculative / design fiction and historical counterculture movements including; Huw Wahl on 60s inflatable art collective Action Space, Federico Pagello on Frigidaire Magazine and comics of the radical left in 70s Italy, a selection of activist ephemera from the stock of Mayfair dealer Carl Williams at Maggs Brothers, Ingo Niermann in conversation with Matilda Tjäder about the origins and development of the Sternberg Solutions series, Dunne & Raby and the use of illustration within their United Micro Kingdoms project and finally a selection of works from the 2014 White Cube exhibition by Gilbert & George — Scapegoating Pictures For London. And if all of this is not enough, Mould Map 4 also cames with a free copy of John’s Worth by Jonathan Chandler plus an A2 Site Office poster by Ben Mendelewicz.

LEONLeon Sadler






PDF-Maggs-CountercultureMaggs Counterculture


PDF-Ed-FornielesEd Fornieles

FRIGIDAIRE MAGAZINEFederico Pagello on Frigidaire

MM4 Interior lo res-28Yannick Val Gesto

SANY : PATRICK CROTTY(L) Patrick Crotty, (R) Sany

MM4 Interior lo res-33(L) Amalia Ulman, (R) Hanna K


GILBERT & GEORGEGilbert & George

MM4 Interior lo res-43Stathis Tsemberlidis

DUNNE-&-RABYUnited Micro Kingdoms

PDF-New-ScenarioNew Scenario

MM4 Interior lo res-52New Scenario


MM4 Interior lo res-58Jonathan Djob Nkondo

MM4 Interior lo res-61(L) Gabriel Corbera (R) Pierre Vanni



Mould Map 4
Eurozone Spezial

Edited by Hugh Frost & Leon Sadler/ Landfill Editions.
Graphic design by Hugh Frost.
128 Pages / A4
5 Colour Offset
Edition of 2500