Born in 1992, Pablo Jones-Soler is a visual artist based in London. At the moment he is interested in the materiality and symbolism of aspiration and where it frays at the seams, interior  artificial spaces that humans have built around them to lock out nature, meetings in board rooms discussing the sensual grooves on water bottles and tooth brush handles or how to best to visualise optimal performance. The work ‘Omega Systems’, set in a ideal home show/ corporate space, when looking at ideas around; stock, distribution, production vs consumption, public vs private property and occupation. These areas have served as a starting point for Pablo from which new work has/ will develop in a sort of evolutionary trajectory. Pablo is interested in the slippage between the physical and the digital and where they overlap and how each is represented/ presented within the other, the film was distributed on silicone and resin casts of a 3D print which virtually features in the film.

At the moment Pablo is working on some images for Symbol issue 4 that are about new age spiritualism. Those along with frontier options or something about levels, some from a similar place as Omega Systems but with an ecological logic, self regulating systems and flows of energy.

Pablo is looking to introduce more physicality into his work, assuming that he is collecting glitches like hurried grouting, going to learn how to make frosted glass and start outsourcing the production of more objects.