Relaax1Ambient Weather Calibration by Carson Fisk-Vittori. is an alternative anti-stress online project by artist Joey Villemont. It has been set up to create a soothing atmosphere and expel the anxiety of digital platform use. Online activity can lead to stress, anxiety and burn out., has been initiated as a full screen alternative to being disconnected and a good excuse to stay online. was launched in parallel with an exhibition by artist Joey Villemont in September 2013 (Relax, The Project Room, Glasgow). started featuring artists in February 2014 exploring the relaxing abilities of image and sound in the form of 2 week exhibitions on the website homepage. Visitors can also alternatively upload their own image and relax with it. 

The website is developed by Thibaut Villemont and have been exhibited works from artists like Rachel de Joode, Andreas Ervik, Carson Fisk-Vittori, Debora Delmar Corp, Joey Holder, André Piguet, among many others. Don’t forget to check their latest feature at Dis Magazine featuring Karmelloz and Andreas Ervik.

Relaax2Grey Goo by Rachel de Joode.

Relaax3Fair Traded Whisperful by Viktor Fordell.

Relaax4A Female Touch (film still) by Débora Delmar Corp.

Relaax5Wave Therapy by Brendan Anton Jaks.

Relaax6Danz™ by Joey Holder.

Relaax7Evian ad by Andreas Ervik.

Relaax8Sochi Acid by André Piguet.

All images courtesy of the artists and

Joey Villemont.

Thibaut Villemont.