«Une Salon Sous Le Pont» ment for one day that there would be a saloon under a bridge; and it was. At «U2 Gleisdreieck», (Berlin-Schöneberg), where there is a little island just in the middle of the so-and-so busy circled carway crossing the passangers path. The heaven from the island above is an old industrial bridge – for a little CLIO Renault it should be the right place to find a ‘roof above the head’ – for one afternoon in November at least.
There where invited 13 guests to celebrate this event of easy-housing and to make a gift for oblating CLIO.

Lucia Bachner (libellen – tombola, a tattoo to win)
Richard Bott (sent us his dirty clothes from USA, collected on a painting) Christian Bär (abstract painting)
Paul Créange (window-view from inside when clio is runnig, on the outside) Ruth Devriendt ( brought us a sketchbook for paintings)
Albertine Freytag (two leftsided finger)
simonberard.garden (tape, running, and overrunned)
Hannah Gottschalk (box with drawings)
Armand Lecouturier (sentence on mirror)
Olga Monina (ein lieferschein)
Peggy Pehl (multiple receivers)
Manuel Schneidewind (deserted landscape, running wheel)
Nicholas Strobelt (Anne & Olga with flying glaswool from USA)

sb_1-1Peggy Pehl, steering wheel

sb_2-0Paul Créange, front side window right

sb_3-0Kathrin Albertine Freytag, traffic sign

sb_5-0Nicholas Strobelt, car top

sb_6-0Lucia Bachner, rear window

sb_10-0Armand Lecouturier, rearview mirror

sb_10-1Ruth Devriendt, car boot

sb_4-0Christian Bär, passenger seat

sb_11-1Nicholas Strobelt, Paul Créange and Christian Bär, side view

sb_8-0Hannah Gottschalk, car boot

sb_8-1Hannah Gottschalk, car boot (detail)

sb_9-0Nicholas Strobelt, car top

sb_15-0Richard Bott, front wheel

sb_12-0Olga Monina and Lucia Bachner, front wiper

sb_13-0simonberard.garden, cassette player

sb_14-0Peggy Pehl, foot well driver’s side

sb_16-1Manuel Schneidewind, under the car

sb_17-0Kathrin Freytag, Hannah Gottschalk and simonberard.garden, car boot

Audio Cassette
The Image of a Paradise – Haruomi Hosono 7:01
And The Forest Began To Sing – Röyksopp 1:52
L’homme à tête de chou – Serge Gainsbourg 3:00
Rhapsody in Green – Mort Garson 3:25
Banshee Boardwalk – Kenta Nagata 2:03
Night Life in Twin Peaks – Angelo Badalamenti 3:27
Beacon – Disasterpeace 2:33 Canoe – John Lurie 1:05
The Garden – Einstürzende Neubauten 5:12
Inside the Deku Tree – Koji Kondo 1:28
Along The Bank of Rivers – Tortoise 5:53
Impression – Michiru Oshima 0:31
Namless Interiors – Ben Babbitt 2:04
Guitar Solo No. 3 – Neil Young 4:31
Flower – Sonic Youth 3:33

by simonberard.garden


Saloon under the bridge #1
Realized by Peggy Pehl & Kathrin Freytag
w/ works by Lucia Bachner, Richard Bott, Christian Bär, Paul Créange, Ruth Devriendt,
Albertine Freytag, simonberard.garden, Hannah Gottschalk, Armand Lecouturier,
Olga Monina, Peggy Pehl, Manuel Schneidewind and Nicholas Strobelt.
At «U2 Gleisdreieck», (Berlin-Schöneberg), November, 2016