Since the last edition of this (now regular) feature that O Fluxo kept a careful eye on what had been launched in the publishing sphere. The good news is that as sunny days draws in, we feel the necessity for a real ongoing source that could help us overcome the risks of habit and repetition. This kind of anti-routine treatment is usually manifested by carrying a pleasant book on our backpacks or mobile devices. For this very reason, O Fluxo decided to present a selection of some of the latests most interesting publications around for the S/S’14 seasson:

Bonus Material II: Jasper Spicero

To start off it’s this non-physical publication. I’m talking about the latest PDF publication from Info-Punkt. It marks the second establishment of a series of publications from Info-Punkt curated and edited by Burkhard Beschow that invites an artist to present a selection of alternative documentation of already exhibited work. This time, and divided in two parts, Bonus Material II features the work of artist Jasper Spicero showing unreleased documentation of two 2012 solo shows. Bonus Material II: Jasper Spicero (Part1 and Part2) are available to download for free here. Their upcoming publication will be ‘S u b R o s a’, an online collection of over 50 poems and drawings edited by Anne Fellner.

Raster Raster Exhibition Catalogue

This is the exhibition catalogue designed by Berlin based PWR-studio for RASTER RASTER at Aran Cravey (LA), curated by Marisa Olson, featuring Conor Backman, Petra Cortright, Alexandra Gorczynski, Marc Horowitz, Christine Sun Kim, Mehreen Murtaza, Jayson Musson, Bunny Rogers, Travess Smalley, Jasper Spicero, and Artie Vierkant. Each of these artists finds themselves involved in processes of translation & filtering between different languages which are documented in this wonderfully designed catalogue.

SUPERBLACK by Jordan Tate

Designed by the almighty Laboratory of Manuel Bürger (who recently did an upgrade that you should definitely check) this book functions as an instruction manual for the artwork for which it is named and is an art object in its own right. Exploring the nature of blackness and the void, this volume includes an interview by Lisa Kurzner with Jordan Tate, an essay on nothingness by Nicolas O’Brien, an excerpt from Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, a photo essay by Jordan Tate using an electron microscope and a glossary of all things black. Published by Transformer Station in an edition of 500 on the occasion of Jordan Tate‘s exhibition SUPERBLACK.

Iterations by Melvin Tan

This marvelous publication it’s the result of Singapore’s graphic designer Melvin Tan BFA Final Year Thesis. The project it’s called ITERATIONS where Melvin Tan presents a set of art objects that references vernacular sourced from the business workplace. An ‘iteration’ of something is the act of repeating a process. To follow the presented artworks, Melvin produced the ITERATIONS Catalogue Raisonné. It begins with an awareness of the constructed society that our seeing is built upon and a personal inquiry into formal art-practice, passing into the textual, image-documentation and the physical art object by consciously politicizing each manifestation as versions of the work presented. Melvin took a conscious role in such multiple positions, simulating a ‘worldview’ with the frame of a catalogue raisonné to suggest an extrospective approach to art. This is not only an extension to the work itself but also, an inquiry into whether inquiry itself is counted as art.

Mould Map 3

Not new it’s true, but I just couldn’t make this list without including this brilliant return of Mould Map. I mean, who else could suit artists like Daniel Swan, Brenna Murphy, Julien Ceccaldi, Metahaven, Åbäke or Amalia Ulman into a comics publication better than Mould Map? – Sorry, but no one pops in my mind. Mould Map 3 it’s trully a blast from beginning to end! Hugh Frost and Leon Sandler put together another incredible journey through comics and narrative art, with a focus on precise editing and art direction paired with high material production values. This 224 page book and poster collection (2x A3 posters + 1x A2 poster) explores the ways in which network technologies mediate our experience of each other and our surroundings. All of this is illustrated with seriously unexpected colors and some unexpected artists as well. A bounden ex libris of color, illustration and narrative art! Grab now one of the final copies available at the Famicon Express website.

Library Paper 4

The editions of Catalogue Library are getting kinda regular around O Fluxo, but this only means that this guys from Catalogue Library are still doing a great job over the past few years. Oliver Shaw and Tom Pratt had created an extraordinary empire of independent publications as well as commissioned work as Catalogue. The Library Paper series perfectly culminates the result of all their work, obviously not excluding their incredible sense of pointing out the latest talents in the graphic scene with Back Catalogue. In this 4th establishment of Library Paper you’ll be able to discover a new range of contributors from the likes of Aude Debout, Corbin Mahieu, David Rudnick, Haw-lin, Hyo Kwon, Jessica Svendsen, Johnson Kingston, Kia Tasbihgou, King Zog, Labra, Marc Kremers, Milieu Grotesque, Mylinh Trieu Nguyen, Pierre Vanni, Tim + Tim, Travis Stearns, W-E-S-T, plus a special supplement artwork from the recently updated Shabazz Projects. (Order LP4 here).

The Paradox Of Money

Commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Finance, The Paradox Of Money is a publication created by Hague’s graphic designer Alyar Aynetchi which aims to reveal the structure of our monetary system by means of an intervention on a variety of Euro banknotes with invisible inks. Printed in invisible ink are visual solutions which illustrate factual information referring to the monetary system and it’s flawed nature. This information is then revealed when the banknotes exposed to UV light.

Old Frag Publication

This publication created by Andrey Ilyaskin is an annual print edition of web-paper This issue collected best articles from more than a two year history of this punk newspaper.

(On) Text Sharing

(On) Text Sharing is the result of a collaboration between two portuguese graphic designers: Nuno Beijinho and Rita Matos. Both share a very similar visual outcome that in some way lead them to manage this independent project. (On) Text Sharing is a publication where the young designers focused on a text about scanner collectors and aggregators on the internet. From the enthusiasm they had in discovering initiatives like, this publication ended up working as a kind of an archive of text-sharing platforms and pirate libraries.

Covabunga @ Libros Mutantes’14

Covabunga is a creative studio composed by Andreu Serra, Eme Rock and Miquel Tejedo who never had any experience in editorial design before. However, going to this years edition of Libros Mutantes Art Book Fair in Madrid was the perfect opportunity to let Covabunga experiment with editorial without any boundaries. So they decided to make each one an individual publication to show their personal languange, and then put it all together and make a “coral” publication mixing their individual outcome. This mixed publication represents what Covabunga have in common: Hypertext. Covering the internet frame as the main theme, this publication is divided in two issues, one only with type, and the other one only with illustration. For the promotion in Libros Mutantes they also printed some colorful flyers saying: WE SELL DESIGN, DEF QUALITY based on the concept of “street promotion” and grotesc business cards with the studio phone number printed all over it, which speculates about the function of the personal business card itself.

O Fluxo,
May, 2014.