A show curated by  Rachel de Joode, Zoë Claire Miller and Michaela Richter about distance, appropriation, arrangement, interaction, simulation, stereotypes and performance in the art and plant worlds—in intimate dialog with the botanical and architectural exhibits of the Volkspark Blankenfelde-Pankow.
Sculptures can be seen as agents that create and reflect environments, much like architectural settings—“The Analogy between Bulbs and Buds” brings together these two spheres, in which the potential of building worlds is demonstrated: contemporary art production, and the “natural” environment of Botanischer Volkspark, shaped by its eventful history. Both shine a newish light on each other—an experiment that addresses the search for prototypical scenarios and their possibilities to illustrate and question orders, settings, and corresponding conditions.
The Analogy between Bulbs and Buds‘ features works by Ayami Awazuhara, Kasia Fudakowski, Rike Horb., Tilman Hornig, Florian Japp, Rachel de Joode, Hanne Lippard, Zoë Claire Miller, Ulrike Mohr, Alona Rodeh, Aurora Sander & Santiago Taccetti.

Alona_BudsandBuds--038Alona Rodeh

Zoe_BudsandBuds-1072Zoë Claire Miller

Zoe_BudsandBuds-565Zoë Claire Miller

Zoe_BudsandBuds-530Zoë Claire Miller

Ulrike_BudsandBuds--950Ulrike Mohr

Ulrike_BudsandBuds--902Ulrike Mohr

Ulrike_BudsandBuds--623 copyUlrike Mohr

Ulrike_BudsandBuds--622Ulrike Mohr

Tilman_Bulbs_and_Buds_134_0134Tilman Hornig and Paul Barsch

Tilman_BudsandBuds-1233Tilman Hornig and Paul Barsch

Santiago_BudsandBuds-280Santiago Taccetti

Santiago_BudsandBuds--1201Santiago Taccetti

Santiago_BudsandBuds--368Santiago Taccetti

Santiago_BudsandBuds--270Santiago Taccetti

Rike_BudsandBuds-716Rike Horb

Rike_BudsandBuds--769Rike Horb

Rike_BudsandBuds--711Rike Horb

Rachel_BudsandBuds-880Rachel de Joode

Rachel_BudsandBuds-_MG_7062Rachel de Joode

Rachel_BudsandBuds-_MG_7043Rachel de Joode

Rachel_BudsandBuds-_MG_6982Rachel de Joode

Rachel_BudsandBuds_MG_7056Rachel de Joode

Kasia_BudsandBuds--667Kasia Fudakowski

Kasia_BudsandBuds--212Kasia Fudakowski

Hanne_BudsandBuds--1119Hanne Lippard

Florian_BudsandBuds-428Florian Japp

Florian_BudsandBuds--410Florian Japp


Ayami_BudsandBuds--1022Ayami Awazuhara

Ayami_BudsandBuds--637Ayami Awazuhara

Aurora_BudsandBuds--1142Aurora Sander

Alona_BudsandBuds-036Alona Rodeh

Alona_BudsandBuds--146Alona Rodeh

The Analogy between Bulbs and Buds
A Sculpture Garden Contemporary Art in Botanischer Volkspark Blankenfelde-Pankow
5/8/2016 – 6/18/2016