I want to know where they locate value.

I want them to have comfort and I want access to them. I want to bring them together sometimes. I want to do things with them, and document it. I want to know the owners and see where they locate value.

I am thinking about landscapes inside.

He is always asking questions about the past and drawing how he imagines it, based on what he knows. Me, I am looking at a more immediate past. These are relics of personal healing. Hers are portraits of personal and historical trauma. He imagines people and I use memory. I want it to feel like memories have jumped into a time machine and come out in jumbles.

We are fractured in the world.

I don’t want to talk about diaspora anymore. I want to create spaces to think about it. Mobility is necessary and luxurious and peculiar given our past. We care about where things go. We don’t want these objects to be feeding those systems. This is a site of intimacy and vulnerability- that is in our portraits. His presence with vulnerability bridges. The contradictions should be visible.

I want the contradictions to be visible.

I don’t know whether her wisdom is perceptible through unrooted techniques. Her care is so deep it is incorruptible. She is present in those portraits, some people understand more than others. My portraits are precarious, maybe because they look like me. We are looking at ourselves in these cases. We haven’t been educated that way, maybe it limits our mobility but I still want to resist.

They dive inward.

Our interior is ancient and its poetry potent. This watersource is next to a potted plant nurtured by the spiritual woman and surrounded by barbed wire. Some think of silent indifference when they see the surrogates, but seems to me they might come alive at any moment. Maybe that is an antidote to how others might die at any moment. What is ‘imaginary?’ The imagination can map new materiality, dismantle exteriors and exceed construction. The formal can necessitate; transform, translate outward:

Tau Lewis / Curtis Santiago

/ Magdalyn Asimakis


‘Through the people we are looking at ourselves’
by Tau Lewis and Curtis Santiago
at Cooper Cole, Toronto, Canada
July 21 – August 26, 2017