Valeria Lukyanova (Валерия Лукьянова in Russian) was born on August 23rd, 1985 in Tiraspol, Moldavia. Model, singer, blogger, Valeria Lukyanova introduces herself as a speaker on out-of-body travel and organizer of spiritual seminars. Internet phenomenon, she describes herself on her Facebook profile as a creative person.

Triplication explores signs and devices of urban areas and popular culture. Evan Robarts commits himself to a social and sociological approach and experiments with the modern principle of urban “gentrification”. It serves as the basis of his interest in work and “living together”, his use of construction materials and modules, but definitely also his attitude towards action and matter. Evan Robarts uses materials and objects taken from both the working-class environment and daily life, using certain aspects to celebrate the physical and visual context of blue-collar labor.

Fine and long legs, generous breasts, ribless, congealed face by diverse surgical transformations, lash extensions, heart-shaped mouth, reduced jaw, refined chin and nose.

There is a notion of an anticipated daily life and future domestic world in Bending Binding’s practice. They use and/or reclaim objects and materials of the present time – such as car radiators, neon, resin, candy, plastic, propellers, streams, flux – to produce their eventual evolution, a fantasized process of transformation or alteration.

Graduated from Odessa State Academy of Architecture and Construction, Valeria Lukyanova dedicates her time to astral journeys, meditation, as well as composition and song. She claims to be a life-size Barbie doll.

Those relics of a polluted and overproductive world as well as those transitional sculptures, aestheticized, celebrate the overwhelming power of the machine, the object and the shape, in its use and its disuse. In Deirdre Sargent’s latest film, Bowatte Lukyanova, Valeria merges her forms in a galactic journey with the red rocks of the Moab desert – planet Mars in the American Southwest. There she is the fossil, the “in decomposition” flesh in her present time. Juicy popular star, past heroine from a science fiction story.

Elisa Rigoulet

exoexo-sushibar_triplication01Installation view

exoexo-sushibar_triplication02Installation view

exoexo-sushibar_triplication03Installation view

exoexo-sushibar_triplication0440 ft2, Evan Robarts, 2016
Hydrocal on vinyl tile, Dimensions variable

exoexo-sushibar_triplication0540 ft2, Evan Robarts, 2016
Hydrocal on vinyl tile, Dimensions variable

exoexo-sushibar_triplication06Installation view

exoexo-sushibar_triplication07Installation view

exoexo-sushibar_triplicationbbinding01Kooling Systems (Front), Bending Binding, 2016
Engraving on car radiators

exoexo-sushibar_triplicationbbinding02Kooling Systems (Side), Bending Binding, 2016
Engraving on car radiators

exoexo-sushibar_triplicationbbinding03Kooling Systems (Bottom), Bending Binding, 2016
Engraving on car radiators

exoexo-sushibar_triplicationdsargentBowatte Lukyanova, Deirdre Sargent
2015-2016, Digital video, 22’16’’

exoexo-sushibar_triplicationerobarts40 ft2, Evan Robarts, 2016
Hydrocal on vinyl tile, Dimensions variable

at Sushi Bar, Brooklyn NY
w works by Bending Binding, Evan Robarts, Deirdre Sargent
Curated by Elisa Rigoulet, Exo Exo
10.01.16 – 10.08.16