Upward Mobility

Debora Delmar Corp.

white Upward Mobility Upper Gallery, Modern Art Oxford 2015 © Ben WestobyUpward Mobility Upper Gallery, Modern Art Oxford 2015 © Ben Westoby

Until May 17, Modern Art Oxford presents a major new site-­specific installation by
Debora Delmar Corp. (Débora Delmar, b. 1986, Mexico City).

Upward Mobility includes a group of ceiling-­height banners emblazoned with aspirational imagery found
on the social media page of a bank in Mexico. These is fenced in by a series of kitchen countertops and
garden hedges harbouring new sculptures made from found objects, which in the past have included product packaging and
food wrappers, and will be created by the artist during a month-­long residency in Oxford, UK.

Débora Delmar adopted the name Debora Delmar Corp. for the distribution of her work in 2009;
not to critique corporate reality, but to reflect on the state of 21st century living.
Working with sculpture, video, digital collage and installation, Debora Delmar Corp. adopts and
reconfigures the production, branding and merchandising techniques of global corporations.

UMDD2(L) & (R) Upward Access I (detail), 2015

UMDD3(L) Kim K: Before and After (Brunette – Platinum Blonde), 2015 Buxus Sempervirens, wig, pedestal Dimensions variable
(R)Freshly Squeezed (detail), Digital print on concept flag 700 cm x 400 cm 2015 & John, 2015 (with tall pedestals)

Work and Study, 2015, Modern Art Oxford 2015 © Ben WestobyWork and Pleasure, 2015
Custom made Jesmonite counter top with stainless steel sink and bright steel legs, vinyl, plastic bag, knife, maid’s uniform,
cardboard boxes, soap, M&S tea cake, T-shirt, plastic lid, faux Ugg boot, clay, silicon, robe, pen, pencil, Itsu container, matchboxes, Jesmonite, Tajin bottles.
Dimensions variable

UMDD4(L) Work and Pleasure (detail), 2015
(R) John,
2015 Buxus Sempervirens, fake hair, The White Company jute baskets. Dimensions variable

Green Screen, Luxury Study and John, 2015, Modern Art Oxford 2015 © Ben WestobyLuxury Study, 2015
Wood, digitally printed carpet, baseball caps, tennis Shoes, cardboard box, paper, plastic bag, glasses, erasers, glass cup, White Company slippers, Ligustrum jonanddrum, Peony and Cashmere diffuser, underwear, hub caps, trash can, Itsu container, Tajin bottle, Camel cigarettes.
Dimensions variable

Luxury Study, 2015 (detail) Modern Art Oxford 2015 © Ben WestobyLuxury Study (detail), 2015

UMDD5(L) Installation view
(R) Potent Potables,
2015 Buxus Sempervirens, plastic bottles, coffee cup, paper towel. Dimensions variable
Banner: Health and wealth, 2015 Digitally printed on concept flag, plastic bag 600 cm x 300 cm

UMDD6(L) Discreet Leisure (detail), 2015
(R) Kim K: Before and After (Brunette – Platinum Blonde),
2015 Buxus Sempervirens, wig, pedestal. Dimensions variable

UMDD7(L) & (R) Future Living (details), 2015

UMDD8(L) & (R) Raising Awareness (details), 2015

UMDD9(L) & (R) Upward Access II, 2015 Audio, wine glasses, Zuco juice powder, graphite paint

28 March – 17 May 2015