Since last December ’13 (and updated every season until autumn 2014), the online exhibition Vegetal Passion @ the Crédac website sees the exhibition space as the natural milieu of works of art. The artist and curator duo It’s Our Playground (Camille Le Houezec & Jocelyn Villemont) has imagined this 5th installment of Royal Garden as an ambiguous jungle in which visitors will find artists’ pieces, archival photographs and images gleaned from the internet, all shown side by side without any obvious hierarchy.

Deftly mixing plants and works of art, works that involve plants and “exhibition plants,” this curatorial project takes a new look at gardening practices in institutional settings, which is increasingly a part of today’s reality. Indeed, while blogs are replete with images of plants, which are adopted for their graphic qualities, they have also invaded art galleries, for artists appreciate their formal values as well as their reference to both a domesticated nature and a questioning of the decorative function of artworks.

(…)The images of plants and archival images of art exhibitions are thus mixed with images of recent works of art and specific projects by contemporaries, including Laura Aldridge, Ditte Gantriis, Hayley Tompkins, Travess Smalley et Pedro Wirz, who were invited to produce series of images that resonate with their usual art practice.





With special projects by Laura Aldridge, Ditte Gantriis, Hayley Tompkins, Travess Smalley et Pedro Wirz.

Featuring Darren Bader, Gabriele Beveridge, Simon & Tom Bloor, Marcel Broodthaers, Koenraad Dedobbeleer, Andreas Ervik, Pierre Huyghe, Jiří Kovanda, Margaret Lee, Tobias Madison, Mathieu Mercier, Jessee Moretti, Katja Novitskova, Oliver Osborne, Edgar Orlaineta, Nam June Paik, André Piguet, Mandla Reuter and Florian Slotawa.

Texts by Dorothée Dupuis et Aurélien Mole.

Curating : It’s Our Playground (Camille Le Houezec et Jocelyn Villemont).

Graphic design & developement by Jérémy Muratet-Decker.