at L’INCONNUE, Montréal, Canada
Curated by Domenico de Chirico
December 14 – January 24, 2019

To bare oneself means to remain exposed as an image, to bring to the surface of the body every arcane depth, because “the world is composed exactly by and only by surfaces on top of surfaces”.


The word “body” refers to every being in  space that can be detected through the senses.  An exhibit aiming to focus on the exploration of the body and its representations must look not only at the human body as an organic whole, the  “physical body”, but also at its more purely materialistic  components, as in a dissection.


It’s in this space brimming with such vision that bodies manifest themselves in different, disjointed layers. Every bodily part acts as if it’s the protagonist and some recall the others through the display of organic elements.


The sentient body, the one we inter-subjectively recognize as an alter ego, finds in love the recognition of its existence through nudity. The complexity of a hand that has in itself intellect, willfulness, dynamism, aesthetics, touch is one of the ways the sentient body discloses itself. It’s body that becomes matter and matter that becomes flesh.


The phenomenon, the object that cannot be objectified, manifests itself in the shape it reveals, in a constant struggle between taking up space from the viewer and directing its roughness to the viewer, who’s thankfully both using it and admiring it.


The disjointed body, on the edge between a laceration of the flesh and a volcanic explosion, lives where fragmentation flirts with both blood and rubble.


Such a body seems then to dictate the rhythm of a dance, dancing itself in turn and creating new steps, taking forms that recall the different ways of being in the world.


– Domenico de Chirico, 2018

KENT MERRIMAN JR. Untitled Oil, acrylic mannequin fragment, grommet on canvas 56 x 42 inches 2018
VAN HANOS New Hand Oil on linen 61 x 50.8 cm 2017 Courtesy of the artist and Chateau Shatto, Los Angeles
MELANIE EBENHOCH Interlude with Sunrise Oil on aqua-resin 110 x 90cm 2017 Courtesy of the artist and Tobias Naehring, Leipzig
PAUL MPAGI SEPUYA Untitled Color Laserprint Collage on Strathmore Bristol 18 x 14 inches 2018 Courtesy of the artist and DOCUMENT, Chicago
NAOKI SUTTER-SHUDO Untitled (Crew) Wood, enamel, printed matter, fabric, pearls, faux coral 21 x 36.2 x 39.4cm 2016 Courtesy of the artist and Bodega, New York
VICTORIA COLMEGNA Broken Ego; #27. Team Work: Can the twins prove they are not babies anymore?; #52. White Lies: Will Bonny despise Reece when she finds out the truth?; #22. Out of place: Is there room in Sweet Valley for an outsider?; #8. First Place: Will Sarah risk everything for a horse?; #94. Super Chiller, The Carnival Ghost: Will Alex make it out alive? Aluminum, galvanized steel, tempered glass, lock, keys; pastel on velvet; graphite, pen, and marker on paper; book jacket 29 1/2 x 40 1/2 x 2 inches 2017 Courtesy of the artist and Paul Soto, Los Angeles
ALEX MORRISON plan for a model of a new work (the social life of objects) Oil and graphite on canvas 18 x 22 inches 2018
HANNA HUR desert trance ii Color pencil on silk 30 x 40 inches 2015
MELANIE EBENHOCH Palazzo Glazed Ceramics 43 x 38 x 9cm 2017
HANNA HUR endless spring viii Watercolor, china marker and color pencil on linen 30 x 40 inches 2018
SUSAN CIANCIOLO Lilac Collage, marker, watercolor, pen on magazine page 37.94 × 27.78 × 3.81 cm 2018 Courtesy of the artist and Bridget Donahue, New York
JULIE BÉNA 2fingers Ceramic 19 x 6 x 3cm 2017 Courtesy of the artist and Joseph Tang, Paris
DALA NASSER I Have No Shame Dirt collected from studio foor, liquid latex, charcoal, latex sheet 100 x 100cm 2015

w/Alex Morrison, Dala Nasser, Hanna Hur, Julie Bena, Kent Merriman Jr., Melanie Ebenhoch, Naoki Sutter-Shudo, Susan Cianciolo, Van Hanos,Victoria Colmegna and Paul Mpagi Sepuya.

Curated by Domenico de Chirico


at L’INCONNUE, Montréal, Canada
December 14 – January 24, 2019



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