Adam Rada, Adina Šulcová, Adrian Altman, David Čerťanský, Markéta Soukupová, Jan Soumar, Jakub Hošek, Josef Bolf, Nikol Lourková, Nik Timková

@Academy of Fine Arts, Prague
May 30 – Jun 6, 2019

?Who the fuck sends things without a return address

So it is early evening, stars blooming into view, before they get a chance to look at the box again. What’s inside the box could be a different world.
To the extent the box keeps the outside world away —  yes, it is better to think inside the box.


Systematic circle creation.


Chaos magic.


Becoming together inside the box.

Adam Rada @adamrada_, Adina Šulcová @adinasulcova, Adrian Altman @xadalt, David Čerťanský @david_certansky, Markéta Soukupová @diprimalex, Jan Soumar @honzasoumar, Jakub Hošek @jakub.hosek, Josef Bolf @josef_bolf, Nikol Lourková @nikollourkova, Nik Timková @niktimkova


Academy of Fine Arts, Prague
30.5 – 2.6.2019


Academy of Fine Arts Prague

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